Years of industry experience, sourcing for sophisticated technologies and passion for industry innovation drives Cogent Industries to deliver solutions for diverse spectrum of industries and applications. Our edge is the foundation to meet successfully the challenges of the existing market and future development.

Our broad spectrum of expertise offers the industry’s most extensive line of solutions.


Connecting Technology with Industries

Interconnects are the foundation of electrical systems. A failure in one component lead to entire system failure. Connectivity products are at the heart of Cogent Industries. From shells and shields to seals and grommets, Cogent delivers industry standard and custom interconnect solutions with high data rates and excellent signal integrity. Designed to withstand harshest industrial environments including aerospace, ground and sea applications, each component of interconnects in our solution is selected to meet application requirements ensuring extreme reliability, high performance fitting both economic and mechanical needs.

Electronics are the fundamental building blocks of the modern world. We are increasingly reliant on electronics to communicate, collaborate and innovate. That is why we at Cogent support organisations with high end components for electronic systems design, repair and maintenance. Being a single source for an entire electronic design process, our experts actively source innovative technologies to help speed up the entire design process, from prototyping to production. Cogent serves a wide breadth of markets and wide range of electronics applications whether R&D, designing anew product or maintenance and repair of existing systems.

Cogent Industries values its ability to meet complex specifications in aviation, defence and industrial areas with standard and customised electromechanical solutions that meet demanding qualifications of critical functions. Being continuously focused on research and development, we are always on the odyssey of being up to date on constantly innovating new circuit and switching technology to satisfy customers’ needs through our wide range of relay, switching and assembly solutions. The key to customer confidence in our solutions always remains high is based on the fact that we integrate components that comply with industrial and military standards.

Component work in electronics is the integral part to ensure your electronics based design is reliable and durable in the long haul. Cogent Industries has solutions for every complex challenge in electronics assembly. From design to rework and repair, we deliver the right solutions that ensure you have confidence that your work is safe and effective at every step of the process. Introducing high-tech technologies in assembly repair and fume extraction systems, Cogent Industries delivers solutions that meet universal and internal specifications for the most advanced electronics work.

In the field of high frequency technology Cogent has diverse portfolio ranging from sophisticated microwave systems, integrated assemblies to advanced control components. With high performance standard and off the shelf solutions, our experts help you in speeding up your design to production process whether your project involves radar, radio communications, and avionics and microwave subsystems. Cogent microwave and RF solutions provide superior electrical and mechanical performance while meeting the flexibility of routing and stringent installation requirements.

The advent of complex technologies and consistent pursuit to test and analyse performance and quality in industry is essential to every business. Cogent Industries is valued for its expertise in delivering test and measurement solutions utilised across the entire life cycle of products and processes. From research and development (R&D) to manufacturing to deployment, Cogent’s solutions helps our customers establish unparalleled performance and shorten time-to-market. With pioneering experts in industrial and communication test and measurement, we understandthe specific challenges our customers face and technical creativity to meet complex requirements through technologically insightful solutions.

We are passionate about making work simpler with minimal effort and maximum functionality. From regular maintenance and repair operations to specialised mechanical work, Cogent Industries supports professionals, tradesmen and mechanical users through an extensive range of specific and multipurpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection tools. We choose durable innovative tools and storage solutions that empower our customers to build and keep systems and infrastructure together for years to come.

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