EV Charging Stations Back

The ever growing demand for environment friendly options in vehicles has led to a revolution in the technology of electric vehicles. Pakistan has a significant market for electric vehicles, however, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Pakistan has not yet been fully developed. Keeping in view the potential of EV charging stations in Pakistan, Cogent industries has decided to expand its solutions range to include Charging stations and a wide array of professional high voltage interconnect solutions for Electric Vehicle, including high voltage harnesses, high voltage connectors and signal connectors for high voltage equipment. We can provide complete GB, American Standard and European Standard products of conductive charging connector, charging harness and portable charging device, which comply with GB,
TUV, UL or CQC certifications.

  •   High voltage connectors

  •   Hand-held Meters

  •   High voltage equipment of interconnect   wire harness assembly

  •   Functional integrated unit

  •   Battery charging / changing connector

  •   Wire harness assembly

  •   AC & DC Charging equipment

  •   Signal connectors