Test & Measurement Back

The advent of complex technologies and consistent pursuit to test and analyse performance and quality in industry is essential to every business. Cogent Industries is valued for its expertise in delivering test and measurement solutions utilised across the entire life cycle of products and processes. From research and development (R&D) to manufacturing to deployment, Cogent’s solutions helps our customers establish unparalleled performance and shorten time-to-market. With pioneering experts in industrial and communication test and measurement, we understandthe specific challenges our customers face and technical creativity to meet complex requirements through technologically insightful solutions.

  •   Bench Top Power Supplies

  •   Frequency Waveform Generators

  •   Spectrum Analysers

  •   Optical Communication Analysers

  •   Fusion Splicers

  •   Physical inspection tools

  •   Temperature measurement tools

  •   Calibration, repair & maintenance services
  •   Handheld Meters

  •   Oscilloscopes

  •   Optic Fibre Tools (OTDRs, VFLs, LFDs)

  •   Ethernet Network Testers

  •   Electrical and Electronic testing tools

  •   Air quality tools

  •   Test tools Accessories

  •   Calibration Tools